Flashes Floaters

What is Flashes Floaters?

Posterior Vitreous Detachment (PVD AKA Flashes & Floaters) is a natural change that occurs during adulthood, when the vitreous gel that fills the eye separates from the retina, the light-sensing nerve layer at the back of the eye.

Flashes & Floaters


Over time, the vitreous gel that fills the eye becomes liquid and condenses due to age and normal wear and tear. Eventually it cannot fill the whole volume of the eye’s vitreous cavity (which remains the same size during adulthood) and so the gel separates from the retina, located at the very back of the eye cavity.


• Floaters (mobile blurry shadows that obscure the vision)
• Flashes (streaks of light, usually at the side of the vision) These symptoms usually become less intense over several weeks.