Intraocular Melanoma

What is Intraocular Melanoma?

Malignant intraocular melanoma is the most common eye cancer in adults. The tumor affects the uveal tract, which is the middle layer of the wall of the eye.

Intraocular Melanoma Causes and Treatment


During a targeted tumor examination, diagnostic testing typically includes a complete eye exam with dilation of the fundusindirect ophthalmoscopy, tumor photography (fundus photography), tumor ultrasound, and vascular studies of the tumor (fluorescein angiographyindocyanine green angiographyspectral-domain OCT angiography (sd OCT)), along with laser studies of the macula.  


Tumor sizing Typically, ocular oncologists use 5 categories for tumor sizing: small, medium, large, extra-large, and a fifth category for borderline small tumors called atypical nevi (singular: nevus). Tumor sizing is important, as it has an impact on treatment options for the patient.