The Many Benefits of Laser Eye Surgery


Various factors cause retinal swelling and bleeding, including diabetes, hypertension, and retinal detachment. Laser retinopexy is an in-office surgical procedure that uses laser energy to seal the retina to the back wall of the eye if torn or gently heat vessels to decrease or prevent further bleeding and swelling.

Retinal surgeons have been performing laser retinopexy for many years, and it is considered a safe and effective treatment for various retina problems.

A retinal surgeon may detect retinal tears or breaks during a comprehensive eye examination. If you have a retinal tear, your doctor may recommend laser surgery to prevent the tear from getting worse and causing a detached retina.

Laser retinopexy can also treat small areas of bleeding in the retina that are not associated with tears or breaks. This type of laser surgery is called focal photocoagulation.

During laser retinopexy, your retinal surgeon will put numbing drops on your eye. You will be awake during the procedure but should not feel discomfort. A unique contact lens will cover your eye, and you will look at a bright light while the surgeon directs the laser beam around the retina where treatment is needed.

Most people can resume their normal activities the day of or the day after laser retinopexy. You may experience blurred vision following the procedure.

Laser retinopexy is a successful treatment for many people with retina problems. Like all surgeries, there are some risks; however, they are minimal and infrequent. Your surgeon will discuss these with you before any procedure.

This safe and effective procedure can help you avoid more invasive surgery and allows you to return to your life quickly. With years of experience performing laser retinopexy and other retina procedures, Dr. Ankit Desai at Windy City Retina can provide the expert care you need.

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